To whoever needs this

Hi friend, stranger, acquaintance, mom (at least i can count on someone to read my blogs lol), .. whoever you are. I felt, in my heart, a need to write this blog post for some reason, so here I am. It may be because I had wished I had someone telling me this when I […]

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8 Things I’ve learned in 2018

Oh, 2018. A year of tears, doubt, and confusion..but also a year of growth, purpose, and identity. I’ve learned more this past year than I have my 19 years combined. I thought I would share a little bit of the knowledge my experiences have taught me and what I’ve taken away from the most challenging […]

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To My Mom

To my mom, If there were a real life super hero, it would be you. You bend and you serve for others before you. You give without taking and still your heart is full, Even when there is nothing to give, you still will find more. I don’t know what I did to deserve an […]

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The Ultimate Bucket list

Accountability is something that is a necessity in my life. For that reason, I am here to provide the ultimate bucket list that I WILL accomplish in my life. I think setting goals and aspirations for your life is important because if you aren’t striving and excelling towards anything, what exactly are you doing? Although, […]

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Finding Me Again

Hi, me again. This post, as you can probably tell by the title, is going to be a bit more on the serious side..which is an accurate reflection of what my life has been like these past three months. Have you ever been in that “funk“? The “funk” that feels like you aren’t enough, your […]

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Inspo Spotlight

What a world we live in. We have access to a whole lot of everything. The internet gives us a place that allows us to connect and discover other’s passions and what it is that brings them joy. We have the opportunity to draw inspiration and ideas from people who have our same interests and […]

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