To whoever needs this

Hi friend, stranger, acquaintance, mom (at least i can count on someone to read my blogs lol), .. whoever you are.

I felt, in my heart, a need to write this blog post for some reason, so here I am. It may be because I had wished I had someone telling me this when I needed it most or maybe it is God using me as a resource for someone else. So, whoever I am writing this for, whoever this is meant for, here you go.

To the person that is struggling with starting over.

I know it’s 2019 and a new year. You want to be filled with hope and newness because that is the stigma about ringing in a new year..break old habits, heal the broken hearts, forgive the unforgiven, begin a fresh start.. but it is okay if you aren’t there yet. You will be ready when you are ready. Keep going. We do not heal when WE are ready, we heal when God decides this chapter is over and He is ready to show us a better one.

To the person with a broken heart.

The joy that you will experience in this life, will far surpass the heartbreak you are feeling right now. It feels like the end of the world. Like you will always long for whatever is hurting you right now and never move past it, you are wrong. You cannot control what or who breaks your heart, you can only control what your reaction to the hurt will be. Give it to God and let him guard your heart for the time being. He is wholesome and the only being that can heal a broken heart fully. It will amaze you what he will do for you. I know your heart hurts the most at 3 am when your mind literally turns evil and blocks out all the bad and only registers the good. Take that time to shut your brain off and just start praying. Pray for peace. Ask Him to mend your heart.

To the person who is waiting.

Whatever you are waiting for, an unanswered prayer, an acceptance letter, a person, a job opportunity, healing, whatever it is..keep waiting. I know that is not what you want to hear, but it is all that us humans can really do. To be quite honest, you may never get an answer, but that is the answer within itself. That is the beauty of God’s timing, it is out of our control. God doesn’t want you to stress and panic about whatever it is that you are waiting for.. that can be draining. He wants you to pray about it and then give it to Him. When I find myself in a “waiting” season I find myself literally saying out loud “Okay God, _____ is what I’m waiting for. If it is your will, let me receive it in your time. If it is not, take it away.” AND THEN LET IT GO. The timing of events in your life all have a season and only He knows the seasons of our lives. Trust in him and watch your life unfold more beautiful than you mapped it out to be. His timing is perfect.

To the person who is searching.

Stop searching, start surrendering. You feel lost and like you are in a whirlwind of confusion. There is no book that tells you your purpose, you identity, and who you are supposed to be. Or is there? Open your Bible. Literally say the words, “God, show me what I need. Take this void and fill it with your word” and listen to what your heart is telling you. It is important to understand that everyone hears God differently. An overwhelming peace, a sign, words of others, He communicates with us in different ways. Surrender to Him with all of your heart and allow God to fill the void of the search.  He knows what you need even when you don’t.

To the person who feels like they’re not enough.

YOU ARE, simple. I want you to know how beautiful and pure and loved you are. You are on this earth because God thought the world needed one of you. The creator of the trees, the sky, the oceans THOUGHT OF YOU. You were an idea and more importantly a child that he placed into this world. If you are enough for God, the most powerful and most perfect being, how could you not be enough for this imperfect and sinful world? This planet would not be complete without you. Without every conversation, interaction, hug, smile you have ever had with a stranger, the world would be completely different. Their lives would be completely different. You matter. You are here for a reason. Next time you feel like you are not enough and don’t matter in this world, remember God thought “Hm, you know what, we need one of her/him” and made you.






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