Hi there!

Welcome to my blog!!!! My full name is Lindsey Elizabeth LeDoux but you can just call me Lindsey. I use to think I would eventually be Lindsey Bieber but… that is a story for another time. Now, let’s see if I can give you the run down of who I am and what I’m here to say on this little “about me” page.

SO, I’m a 20 year old, born and raised Texan, attending Texas State University. I went into college with a concrete decision that I was going to be a nurse because I love to help people and bring them comfort so duh, nurse was obviously the way to go. Mmmmm, no. I quickly found out that my brain cannot and DOES NOT want to process information having to do with cells, systems, or really anything of that nature. It took me a minute to realize that there are many, MANY other different ways to help people besides being a nurse. Which brought me to my current major, public relations. I know that MY way to help and comfort people is through my writing, connection, creativity, and relationships with others and this major really allows me to put everything I love into one and hopefully make a career out of it.

The whole reason this blog exists is because my first semester of sophomore year I was in a digital media class and posting on this was a semester long assignment. Obviously, I decided to continue after the fact because I have fallen in love with writing. I really can’t describe how I feel when it comes to writing because it just feels like part of me. It’s almost like my coping mechanism or my personal therapy. I love the way that writing allows me to relate to a complete stranger just because my words can be a shared struggle or experience. There is something powerful about being able to put other’s emotions, that they don’t know how to express, into words so that they can understand them.

My goal for this blog is to share my thoughts, struggles, joys, passions and journey with you. I want this blog to be a place for reliability and comfort but, also a place of growth, for both you and myself, when it comes to life, fashion, faith, and everything that I have to share with the world. I used to think that nobody cared what I had to say but, I care what I have to say and that is enough for me to post it to the internet for nobody or everybody to read.

I named this blog “Becoming Lindsey” because that is exactly what I am doing, becoming. I couldn’t give you an answer if you ask me what I’m doing with my life, where I’m going, or who I want to become. But, I also think that is the beauty of the battles. I’m growing, I’m searching, and I’m trying to live the best possible life that I can while doing so. I would love if you’d stick around to come on this journey with me and figure it out together.


Xoxo, Lindsey