The Ultimate Bucket list

Accountability is something that is a necessity in my life. For that reason, I am here to provide the ultimate bucket list that I WILL accomplish in my life. I think setting goals and aspirations for your life is important because if you aren’t striving and excelling towards anything, what exactly are you doing? Although, some people believe setting huge goals that may seem unattainable can crush dreams instead of achieve them, I think anything is possible that you work hard for, so let’s begin with my two ultimate bucket list goals.

My first goal on my bucket list is to no doubt travel the world. I have such a love and passion for being in new places although, the feeling of experiencing new places is very fresh to me. When I have had the opportunity to be on a plane, my awareness of the world is really put into perspective. I then see just how big the world is and just how small I am. Which then leads me to realize how small my problems are. My little body is in that big plane, which is in that huge state, which is in an even bigger country, in this ginormous world and STILL sometimes I think my problems are world ending. It’s quite humbling. I believe traveling, getting out of your “normal,” and seeing new places, people, and cultures is essential for a person’s growth. It gives an insight to a different perspective and can really make one realize how much this world has to offer. This is on my bucket list because I hope to always experience this feeling.

Secondly, but equally as important, my dream is to have a platform. Now, I know what you’re thinking.. great another girl that wants to be famous, but that is not what I mean when I say “platform.” I just want my voice to be heard and for people that need it, to listen. Plain and simple. Whether that is through my writing, through my faith, or through a conversation. I have always had this burning passion to help people. I once thought that I was supposed to be a nurse to live out that passion of mine. (I learned quickly that was not for me). But what I did find is that I’m a very creative person. I love words and writing. I love social media and interacting with others. I love documenting my life through pictures and videos. And most importantly, I love Jesus Christ. Now, I haven’t really figured out the connection between all of those things and how to use it to help people but I’m working on it. But for now, this is my platform and I appreciate you listening 🙂

IMG_4449.JPGProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset


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