Inspo Spotlight

What a world we live in. We have access to a whole lot of everything. The internet gives us a place that allows us to connect and discover other’s passions and what it is that brings them joy. We have the opportunity to draw inspiration and ideas from people who have our same interests and love for certain things. My favorite person to draw inspo from is Margot Lee. IMG_4369

I have been keeping up with Margot now for about 2 years now. I’m an avid YouTube watcher so when I came across her videos, I felt like a had a new friend. You know those people that you just know you would vibe with? That was me. Our personalities, fashion sense, and creative side are a lot alike so I really connect with her… even if it is via internet. She is a huge inspiration to me when it comes to blogging and on a different spectrum, a huge inspiration when it comes to just not caring what other people think about me.

Her blog, Margot Lee, is all things fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and health. Pretty much everything I need to know for trying to be a trendy 19 year old, I can find here. She is super raw and real with her content and I think that is what makes her so relatable. Being genuine and vulnerable is the best way to make connections and I respect her for letting the whole world into her life on a personal level. She’s a well known YouTuber, and “influencer,” as we call it nowadays, and also a full-time college student so I can only imagine the hardworking that goes into her planning and making of her content.

My most favorite series she did on her blog was one over the law of attraction. (Click the link to check it out). She explains the whole logic around it and it really is insane how your mindset can change everything. She provides information to the reader that inspires and opens your mind to knew things and I think that is really all you can try to do as a blogger.

Overall, I love the aesthetic and the way she portrays herself to the internet. After all, your blog and website are quit literally your personal brand. I think Margot does a really good job at showing that she is a normal, struggling college kid like everyone else, but if you work hard you really can have the dream job you love. She puts me in a better mood every time I watch a video or read a blog post and that is what I strive for because at the end of the day, If you didn’t make anyone reading your post feel anything, what is the point?

Check out her blog here – – > Margo Lee Blog


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