Hidden Spots in San Mo

San Marcos, Texas might just look like winding roads, a beautiful campus, and a ton of buildings from the outside, but if that is all you’re looking at, you’re missing it all. I’ve taken advantage of the “broke ” college kid life and found a few unpopular spots that are to die for and you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to enjoy them.

  • Purgatory Creek Processed with VSCO with dog3 preset

There is nothing I love more than getting out of the house or the classroom and regrouping with some fresh air. If you’re like me, being indoors all day will drive you insane. San Marcos has a lot of the most beautiful sights, but the view you get from Purgatory Creek is unlike any other. A sunset at this spot will make you never want to miss a sunset again. Whether you are hiking with friends, in need of some scenery for the perfect Instagram picture, or just need some fresh air, you will LOVE this hidden spot. Oh, and did I mention it’s free? None of that “pay for entry” stuff here. These beautiful rocky trails, pink skies, and flowers is the perfect get away for you and friends.


  • Joe’s Coffee House

I am a Joe’s Coffee House rookie and let me just tell you, I don’t know life before I found this spot. I am a sucker for an aesthetic and cute coffee shop but Joe’s is way more than just a cute place to take pictures. If you are an iced coffee lover you have GOT to try the Sugar Daddy. I can honestly say I’m a dedicated iced coffee drinker and this one takes the trophy. Another thing you can thank me later for is the breakfast quesadilla! My mouth is drooling typing this. This breakfast quesadilla is stuffed with fresh veggies, cheese, and eggs but the special sauce is what makes it the best breakfast quesadilla in San Marcos. Also, the costumer service at this spot is always the best experience so….nice people and great food? Count me in.


  • Vagabond

Look, I have never been a thrifter but after finding this thrift store, I changed my ways for the better. This secret spot might just be my favorite one I have found because not only do they have a variety of selection for good prices, but the quality is so good. If you are into vintage clothes like me, this is the spot for you. I picked up TWO of my favorite Levi’s from here for $38. TOTAL. Also, if you’re a college kid, this thrift store is your new best friend. They have everything from tailgate boots and jerseys, to belts and fur coats. There is just nothing better than getting to splurge and save some money while doing it. So, college kids, vintage lovers, and anyone that just wants to save some money, head to the square and hit up Vagabond. Thank me later.



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